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Thom Brennaman: This Guy Sucks

During the Pirates and Reds game on Sunday, Reds announcer Thom Brennaman whispered a little too loud during a break in the action, proclaiming, “this guy sucks.”  It came after the Pirates pitcher Locke walked Zack Cozart on 4 straight pitches. However, and this is just my opinion, I have my doubts it was directed […]

Kyle Wiljer Transferring

In the latest episode of the Kyle Wiltjer saga, he is now, for sure, transferring to Gonzaga. Gee, where have I heard before that if he transferred he would end up at Gonzaga. Wiltjer’s father confirmed the news to Wiltjer, a 6-foot-10 forward, announced in late June that he was debating leaving the Wildcats, […]

College Football Odds

The college football season is just around the corner and the bookmakers odds on favorite to win the championship should be no surprise.  The defending champs, the Alabama Crimson Tide, are hot favorites at 3/1 and are poised to bring home another title.  The Tide beat the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to claim the distinction […]

Rupp Arena Press Conference Live Stream

Nerlens Noel Chosen by New Orleans

Nerlens Noel was chosen by the New Orleans Pelicans but the dream of playing with Anthony Davis was short lived.  The latest word is Noel will be headed to the Philadelphia 76ers for Jrue Holiday. At any rate, congratulations go out to Nerlens Noel, another highly drafted Kentucky Wildcat.

Kyle Wiltjer Considering Transfer

Kyle Wiltjer released a letter to the Big Blue Nation today saying he is looking at other options.  While nothing is set in stone, he is looking for a situation where he can get in better shape while also increasing playing time. As reported here several months ago, Jerry Meyer tweeted a rumor that Wiltjer […]

North Carolina Academic Scandal Gaining Steam

As much as they want to ignore it (they being North Carolina and the NCAA), the UNC academic scandal is picking up steam.  While just about any college basketball fan outside of Chapel Hill could already tell you UNC had some shady dealings going on, news websites are finally starting to join the party.  Ultimately, […]

Cleveland Wins Draft Lottery

The Cleveland Cavaliers will have the #1 overall pick when the NBA Draft rolls around in a  few weeks.  I was hoping to see Nerlens Noel play along side John Wall, but I suppose playing alongside a Dukie that was also a #1 pick won’t be so bad. Good luck in (likely) Cleveland, @NerlensNoel3.

Wildcats looking at 3 star

It seems as though Kentucky might not be completely finished with their recruiting class.  Word is trickling that Kentucky is looking at a 3 star player named MiKyle McIntosh.  McIntosh is playing locally in Jackson, Kentucky. UK potentially has their lineup set, so McIntosh would likely come in as a walk-on if anything.  But it […]

Wiggins Watch is Over. Andrew Wiggins Chooses….

Kansas.  Welp, that’s that I guess.  Good luck, Andrew.  And I’m sorry you didn’t win the National Championship next season.