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Louisville fans, oh how I detest thee

There, that title should dissuade any Louisville fans from reading the post.  They’ll be scratching their head at the word “detest” and resign that the post must be about Shakespeare.

I’ve never been able to fully voice my hatred for the Louisville Cardinal fanbase.  I try occasionally.  But I usually end up rambling and restating the same things I’ve said before.  And why shouldn’t I?  They keep up with the same old material no matter how irrelevant and outdated it might be.  And I’m sure I’ll resort to rambling as usual in this post.

I hate stooping to their level so I try to refrain from making things up or embellishing the truth about the players.  But sometimes the players just give you material and get arrested for resisting arrest.  Now, if I were to follow the Louisville fan rule of thumb, I could assume these players will rob and murder someone by the end of the season.

As you may have noticed, Louisville lost back-to-back games to cellar dwellers Charlotte and Western Carolina.  How can a team with players such as Edgar So-so, er, I mean, Sosa, and someone as good, if not better, than John Wall in Peyton Siva (and that’s not to mention a player that could start for UK’s 1996 team, Terrence Jailbird, excuse me, Jennings) lose those types of games?  Now, to lose to these teams, and again I’m applying Louisville fan logic, one could assume the Louisville players either had money riding on the game or received something of value to throw the game.  Using this logic even further, the FBI is likely launching an investigation into Louisville and their potential point shaving scandal.

It amazes me how Louisville fans can tie anything to racism.  For example, apparently someone drew a “UK” into wet cement at the building site of Louisville’s new stadium.  This idiot poster goes from crying about “vandalism” (and as one poster points out, there’s a “Go Cards” carved into the railing in Rupp Arena and there’s no news story about that) to talking about racism.  It takes a truly special mind to go on such a tangent:

Rupp Arena has that “trailer park” feel being a fancy pole barn, and with the rich tradition of six decades of major violations and NCAA probation, coupled with their deep tradition of virulent racism spanning decades, is what makes the UK faithful feel proud to call Rupp Arena home.

Every time I enter Rupp Arena, I think of Tom Payne, who was the only African-American player EVER to be signed by Adolph Hitler, sorry, I mean Adolph Rupp, and think of what a smack in the face it is to all the African-American athletes, and African-Americans in general, that Rupp Arena is still standing.

Rupp Arena still standing, is an insult to ALL African-Americans and ALL basketball fans cumulatively, as it continues to stand even today, as UK’s monument to racism and six decades of cheating, probation, and MAJOR NCAA violations.

Regarding the Adolph Rupp “issue,” I feel there is not one.  There are stories about Rupp’s racist ways, yes.  But there is also as much evidence, if not more, to refute those claims.  I will not go into detail since Dick Gabriel and Jon Scott have done all the work, so I will just refer you to their research here and here.

Ask a Louisville fan about UK’s 7 national titles and they’ll say the same thing, “yeah, 5 of those came before you were born” in the same breathe they’ll call UK a racist program.  But I say (and this is one of those things I bring up several times but never receive an intelligent answer) if UK’s titles are irrelevant as Louisville fans like to claim because the wins are in the past, then UK’s “racist” history, if there was one, is in that same past and should be irrelevant as well.  Does that stop the Louisville fan base?  Nope.  Most likely because they are sharing the same brain cell.

The racist argument and the argument about UK’s 7 national titles being in the past are the fallback arguments for any Louisville fan.  But lately they have a new strategy.  They will try to devalue UK’s winning streak, and UK’s accomplishment of being the first program to 2,000 wins, by saying the wins won’t count in a couple of years anyway.  I have to hand it to them, I chuckled the first time I saw that.  Then it got repeated again, and again… and again.

Another one of their favorite put downs is to say how bad of a person John Wall is.  They like to bring up the fact he was cited (they’ll say arrested even though you’d think they would know about players getting arrested) for trespassing and try to tie it to some other wrongdoing.  Granted, he had an attitude problem briefly in high school, but none of that has appeared to follow him to Kentucky.  They then somehow try to tie this into his 1 game suspension due to his AAU coaches problems.

Louisville fans are really reaching to find ways to discredit UK’s recent success.  They don’t like playing second fiddle in the state, even though you would think they would be used to it by now.  They can’t fathom a team going from the lowest they’ve been in years (and believe me, they were enjoying the Gillispie years) to being one of the best teams in the country.  So, they have to hope scandal occurs and is trying their best to start rumors.  In fact, there’s been more than one Cardinal fan trying to claim that John Wall didn’t take his SAT.

Louisville fans have to be the most unoriginal group of people on the planet.  If a Louisville fan was to make a rap song, they wouldn’t just sample a popular song, they would just steal an entire existing rap song and claim it as their own.  Which brings me to another point…

Quite a few Louisville fans are claiming UK’s history as their own.  I have heard and seen on more than one occasion a delusional fan claiming their coach has a national title and X number of final fours.  And to top it off, the majority of the time I’ve seen this, it was in an argument about UK.  Seriously?

This turned into the rant I thought it would and I still didn’t get across my disdain for Louisville and their fans.  Growing up in easterm Kentucky, I used to wish the state’s basketball programs well.  I liked having as many Kentucky teams make and do well in the NCAA tournament as possible.  But since the internet became a tool for people to whine anonymously and I moved closer and eventually to Lexington, I see why people have a hatred for the birdbrains to the west.  I just can’t seem to put it into words.  Maybe next time…