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Games to watch this week: 2/1-2/6

Who: (9)Texas @ Oklahoma State
When: February 1st @ 9pm on ESPN
Why: The longhorns just dropped another tough game at home against a decent Baylor team that played Kansas close as well. People might be starting to worry that Rick Barnes has already peaked and this team is doomed for failure like all of his previous teams in the tournament. But it’s not tourney time yet and the season isn’t even half over. Can the Longhorns pull it together and make a deep run in March? It’ll be interesting to see how they rebound against a Oklahoma State team who went into the Octagon of doom and came out the victor. Oklahoma State didn’t last the 90 minutes of hell over the weekend but they may give Texas a good game

My Pick: Texas will rebound and win on the road to gain some of their confidence back.

Who: (25)Mississipi @ (4)Kentucky
When: February 2nd @ 7pm on ESPN
Why: Kentucky beat Vandy convincingly at home to rebound after their first loss of the season. Kentucky had to go deep into the bench because of foul trouble early and still held off Vandy to win by a large margin. Ole Miss also went into the Octagon of Doom and won so this team isn’t a team to sleep on. They could very well upset Kentucky at home if the cats aren’t helpful. There are some grumblings that Wall isn’t happy, so it’ll be interesting to see how UK responds.

My Pick:UK wins…by a lot.

Who:(22)Pittsburgh @ (6)West Virginia
When: February 3rd on ESPN Fullcourt
Why:Pittsburgh recently lost at home against a Georgetown team on the rise and a Seton Hall team on the road. Although the filthy cards played both of these pretty close, I figured Pittsburgh was a better team than they seem to be. West Virginia was down against the cards but pulled it out in the end (that’s what she said). It will be a classic Big East bruising battle. Pittsburgh needs a win to stay relevant and West Viriginia needs to keep winning to show they are worthy of a top ten ranking

My Pick: West Virginia will be too much for Pitt at home. It will be a close one but WVU will win in the end.

Who: (21)Georgia Tech @ (10)Duke
When: February 4th @ 7pm on ESPN2
Why: Round 2 of an underwhelming ACC battle. Georgia Tech already beat Duke at home and must take their show on the road. Duke was embarrassed over the weekend by Georgetown as the President looked on. It will be interesting to see how the Dookies respond after getting trounced at Georgetown.

My Pick: Get out the brooms!

Who: (4)Kentucky @ LSU
When: February 6th @ 4pm on ESPN Fullcourt
Why:The cats are playing, that’s why

My Pick:Kentucky wins on the road in a close one.

Who:(2)Villanova @ (8)Georgetown
When: February 6th @ 12pm
Why:Personally, I think Villanova is a bit overrated. Scotty Reynolds is a dynamic player and can get it done in a number of ways. But I don’t think they can hold off a rising Georgetown team that may be hitting their stride in time for March. Monroe has been coming on as of late and they are getting good guard play from their young players. This will be an interesting one to watch to see if Nova really is the #2 team in the nation

My Pick: Georgetown will be too much for Nova. They win it in a close one at home.