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Cousins and Wall Coming Back?

Short answer, who knows? John Calipari was asked today how high he thought Demarcus would go in the draft. Calipari responded by saying he didn’t know, that Cousins said he wanted to come back. That was followed up with a question about Wall to which Calipari replied basically the same.

Now, some will say Calipari was being sarcastic. Maybe he was because he said he didn’t know if he wanted to coach them another year. If he was being facetious about Cousins coming back, then he pulled off a double facetism (I’m pretty sure that’s not a word) by saying he had reservations about coaching him another year.

Some other people will say not to read into the comment, that it will come down to a business decision. That would indicate if Cousins is projected to go high enough, he’s gone. I don’t agree with that assessment no matter how connected these bloggers are. What it comes down to is Cousin’s desire. Does he desire millions of dollars or does he desire another year of college life?

Is it likely Cousins and Wall return next season? No, not likely. Possible? Absolutely. Don’t listen to anyone who says it’s a “fact” Wall and/or Cousins are going pro after the season. Or that there’s 0% chance they come back. Anyone who would make a comment like that does not know the difference between fact and opinion. Or understand statistics.

Do I think either will return? Probably not. It would be hard for a 19 year old to turn down guaranteed millions. But it depends on how much they like college life. The money will always be there. They can buy insurance to protect against injuries. So while it’s not likely they would return, it is still very possible.