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The Kiss of Death

Yahoo has a story that John Calipari is “intrigued” by the Chicago Bulls job and would listen to a pitch.  Sure, Calipari is going to be rumored to be tied to any high profile openings in the college or NBA.  But what makes this worse is the mention in the article that Calipari hasn’t meshed with the athletic department the last year.  I’m guessing has something to do with Calipari promoting himself and possibly his guests at UK home games

What makes it even worse are these tweets by Calipari:

Throughout my career I’ve been mentioned for other jobs. Now that I’m here u won’t hear about other colleges because I’ve got the best job.

I don’t believe he would go to another college job.  He’s a perfect fit of Kentucky and Kentucky is a perfect fit for him.  Where would he go?  But, the second tweet is the most troublesome.

Every year you will hear my named mentioned for NBA jobs because I coached in the league before. I’m very happy at Kentucky

Yes, Calipari says he’s happy at Kentucky.  And I’m sure he is.  But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be happier someplace else, like Chicago.  Heck, he was there not long ago to watch Rose play:

In chi town watching DRose and my other “friend”. D has really improved his shooting. Wow is he good and king james is ridiculous. 6:15 PM Apr 22nd via txt

I’m sure that doesn’t mean anything.  One shouldn’t read too much into the situation.  But if he’s so happy at Kentucky and trying to kill the rumors, just come out and say, “I am not interested in the Chicago job, any other NBA job, or any college job.  I am going to be coach for the University of Kentucky for the extent of my contract.”

However, we all know Calipari will never say these things.  He’s had ample opportunity in the past (when at Memphis and the Nets job) but he took the politically correct, “coach speak” approach.  As long as there are jobs open in the NBA, Calipari will be tied to them.  As long as he is tied to them, there’s a good chance he will eventually take one.  But to take a job after only one year would be a pretty lousy move on the part of Calipari and would leave a bad taste in the collective mouths of UK fans.

I guess now we have the Terrence Jones situation to keep an eye on as well as the Calipari situation.  This is proving to be an interesting off season.

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  1. EliteBigBlueNation says:

    I think Coach Cal is a really smart guy. Im sure he knows if he goes pro and dont make it that someone different would have been putting the top level guys in the pros while he was away. So when/ if he had to come back the young recruits would think that the new guy thats putting top level players in the pros is god and your someone that couldnt Make it as a pro coach. Talking about a career killer. Look a rick he did just that, kids thought that he couldnt cut in when got his job at UL. Before he went to the pros he was the man. Now its more like he is just another coach in the NCAA. I hope Cal is smart about it. I really like what he has done in his first yeat at uk. I cant wait to see more years like this year.

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