The Enes Kanter Situation in Chat

Now chatting with NCAA customer service…

UK: what up?

NCAA: not much just makin decisions. u?

UK: not much. hey, we have this guy that wants to play for us.

NCAA: oh yeah? wats his name?

UK: enes kanter.

NCAA: lol! that srsly his name?

UK: lol yah.

NCAA: lol

UK: neway, he played for a pro team in turkey but since the new rule is in effect for foreign players we figure it should be no big deal.

NCAA: o ok. hm, let me look. bbiaf.

UK: k.

UK: u bak yet?

UK: whered u go?>


NCAA: k i’m back.

UK: dude, u were gone like a month.

NCAA: yah, so?

UK: what were you doing?

NCAA: just… stuff.

UK: so i can has enes?

NCAA: lol

UK: lol

UK: seriosly what’s the deal

NCAA: k lets see. you agree he received that amount of $?

UK: yah but a big chunk of it went for skool.

NCAA: yeah but the rules say it’s too much. sry he can’t play.

UK: seriosuly? that sucks.

NCAA: yeah, that;s how it goes.

UK: kthx.

UK has left the chat.

UK has entered the chat.

UK: dude, wtf?!? newton?

NCAA: yah, he didnt no his dad was asking for $.

UK: well, we have new information bout enes. wanna hear?

NCAA: lol

NCAA is typing…

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