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Knight, Jones and Liggins declare for draft

As expected, Brandon Knight, DeAndre Liggins and Terrence Jones all declare for the NA draft.  Also as expected, none of the 3 have hired agents.  They have until May 8th to withdraw.

For all 3, this was a no brainer decision.  None of the 3 would be back after next season anyway (I base this on talent, not personal preference).  And as the rules go, you can enter once, go through the workouts, and withdraw by the deadline without penalty.  Since Liggins would be graduating after next season, he should go through the workouts to learn what the teams are saying about him.

The same holds true for Knight and Jones.  They could both go now and be first rounders.  However, they could also learn what the teams think are their negatives and have an entire season to work on them.  And with a coach like John Calipari, you know he’s going to put them in a position to work on the negative aspect of their games.

For now, we can only speculate what the trio are going to do.  But it is only 2.5 weeks until we know for certain.  It could be worse.  We could be waiting for the NCAA to clear Enes Kanter.

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  1. worthythorn says:

    I think I will make a Gimel Martinez fansite.

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