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Er, no wait, they didn’t.

Much has been made about UK players switching at the free throw line.  At one point in the game, a player (possibly Noel) was fouled.  Noel stepped to the line but then made way for Poythress.  It does look a little suspect because you don’t see everything that is going on.

Here’s what happened.  A foul was called and Noel was going to the line.  The UK bench made their case that Poythress was fouled and the refs were sending the wrong player to the line.  The OFFICIALS CONCURRED (that means agreed) and said Poythress was the shooter.

“As I recall, there was some confusion over who the shooter was between Nerlens Noel and Alex Poythress. I know our bench was arguing that No. 22 was the shooter, and the official acknowledged it to the table that ‘22’ was the shooter. And I didn’t really think much more of it after that.”

Peevy later posted on Twitter: “Our bench argued that Poythress was fouled & the ref notified the official scorer that #22 was the shooter. It wasn’t a switch-a-roo.”

There have been many, many times where the wrong player was stepping to the line, thinking they were fouled, and the official corrected them.  It was never a story until now.  It’s only a story now because Kentucky is involved.

End of story.