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Are Bo Pelini’s Days Numbered?

I’m not a Nebraska Cornhuskers football fan. However, after hearing Bo Pelini’s recent missteps, I think his days are numbered as head coach.

First, Pelini responded to criticism by former Nebraska great, Tommie Frazier, by saying they (Nebraska) don’t need him.


Tommie Frazier Tweet

Then, if that wasn’t enough, audio recorded 2 years ago came out of Pelini criticizing Cornhusker fans by calling them “fair-weather” in a profanity laced rant (NSFW language). That triggered this “apology” from Pelini:

“I want to sincerely apologize for my comments from two years ago which became public today.  I take full responsibility for these comments.  They were spoken in a private room following the Ohio State game.  I was venting following a series of emotional events which led to this moment.  That being said, these comments are in no way indicative of my true feelings.  I love it here in Nebraska and feel fortunate to be associated with such a great University and fan base.  I again apologize to anyone whom I have offended.”

Translation*: “I didn’t realize I was being recorded and I’m sorry I got caught. Please don’t boo me mercilessly at home games. Also, please allow me to remain head coach so I can make lots of money. We cool?”

*Translation is mine.